Call Out Meeting + Information Session

Well, we had a pretty good turnout at our info session tonight . . . and a possible twelve (12!) students who describe themselves as “definitely interested” in making our 2015 trip to Paris happen.

Based on twelve students, here’s a cost breakdown:
International Airfare: for 12 students at $1,260 per roundtrip (current estimates on major carriers) = $13,120
Lodging: in a privately owned apartment in central Paris for 12 students ($37 per night per student) for 10 nights = $4,440
Meals: the majority will be communal and prepared in the apartment ($30 per day per student) = $3,600
Ground Transportation: will be obtained using RATP and Metropolitain passes ($90 per student for the duration of trip) = $1,080
Entrance Fees to Historic Sites + Museums: utilizing the Paris MuseumPass and other discounts ($190 per student) = $2,280
Total = $24,520 for ten days in Paris!!!

We’re in the planning stages yet, with some terrific fundraising ideas:
* French Club “goodie bags”
* partnership with Ragin’ Cajun Food Truck for a Mardi Gras event in the Spring
* partnership with Firefly Coffee House for a fundraising custom beverage added to the menu
* possible GoFundMe for individual student use
* request for group funding through the Student Travel Committee
* requests for individual funding through the Student Travel Committee
* a Valentine’s Day card-and-candygram program
and lots, lots more.

Stay tuned for future meetings and more information . . .


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