Jet Lag

When I left Monday for France, I had many different expectations and ideas of what Paris looked like. I was unsure of what I was about to encounter but I was definitely ready for the adventure.

The plane rides to get here exhausted me. The first plane from Fort Wayne to Chicago was an easy 25 minute flight. The flight from Chicago to Newark airport was a tougher experience due to the longer distance. Once at the Newark airport, we only had about an hour before the plane finished boarding and headed to France. Finding a restaurant that could cater the short time was a little difficult but we got a quick bite at one of the smaller restaurants that had pizza.

Making it back with plenty of time to the gate, we boarded the plane with time to spare. Now this flight to Charles de Gaulle was the longest flight I have ever taken. What I learned from this flight is to bring my own small pillow, take other activities to do besides books, and to get up and walk the isle about every hour to help reduce the swelling in the legs.

I only slept about two to three hours on the flight and I felt so exhausted and excited to finally arrive to France. To get to Paris, we had to ride a train and then to the metro to get to the place we are staying. This was my very first time riding the train and metro. It also showed the side of Paris that reminded me that Paris is still a town like any other. One example were the buildings that was abandoned and had graffiti on them.

Once at the station that is the closet to where we were going to stay, we all when to this fantastic little café. I ordered a coffee and a croissant with chocolate inside. I have never tasted bread that tasted so good. Their croissants where light and flaky with a sweetness to them. We stayed at the café for a few hours and watched people pass by on the street.

After going to the apartment we headed to the grocery store. I picked out foods that was easy to prepare. Around this time I began to feel exhausted from the jetlag. Once back at the apartment I contacted my family through FaceTime to give them all updates on the trip. Sometime after talking to everyone my exhaustion won over and slept through the rest of the day.

I am disappointed that I was unable to explore more of Paris today but I think it was for the best to go easy the first day and to adjust to the time difference as well.


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