Marie-Sophie Germain, Jim Morrison, and Strange (Eternal) Bedfellows

Just finished up a quick promenade through Père Lachaise; after several visits over the past several years, I finally found the grave of female mathematician Sophie Germain, for whom “Germain prime numbers” are named. These numbers are prime numbers whose double plus one is also a “safe prime,” so 5 is a Germain prime because 11 (5 x 2 + 1) is a safe prime. In any case, I was mildly obsessed with Germain primes and Fermat’s theorem (which she worked on) and Germain herself when I was younger. But enough about math.

Of course, when one visits Père Lachaise, it is hard to not overhear people talking about Jim Morrison (of “The Doors”) and trying to find his grave. Ditto Oscar Wilde, mentioned earlier. So there are the superstar graves . . . and then there are those of important but somewhat forgotten people like Germain, whose grave is hidden behind a mausoleum and overgrown with an impressive tree.

Before wandering the grounds and communing a bit with the notable residents but after checking out an amazing alt bookstore near Boulevard Voltaire, Sarah and I found a nearby café for more caffeine (which is essential on this day of two hours’ airplane sleep) . . . I just hope that we get some dinner before I fall asleep while typing this post. LOL


One thought on “Marie-Sophie Germain, Jim Morrison, and Strange (Eternal) Bedfellows

  1. Colette ! Nusch Éluard ! Simone Signoret ! et non pas ce jean-foutre Jim Morrison, j’aimerais qu’il suce la bite en enfer ! Bonjour à toutes 😉


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