Discovering Paris via Pinterest (On Accident)

I am a notorious pinner. Pinner meaning, I pin anything and everything that speaks to me via Pinterest. If one could list Pinterest under their hobbies section on a collage application, it would be one of my top five. But don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere near obsession with some 30,000 items pinned to my boards. I do roughly have about 3,000 pins though spanning over the course of four years. This past year, I created a board entitled, “I’m going to France Y’all!” nicknamed after the Bridesmaids movie quote when Helen purchases Lillian first class tickets to Paris, a city she has dreamed of visiting her entire life, much like myself.

I share this information, because yesterday I went on a walk. It had no purpose except for simple leisure and enjoyment. I snapped a few gorgeous photos of things that pulled my interest. It wasn’t until I came home and hopped on Pinterest to use the site as a source of inspiration to figure out what I wanted to see on my free-time, that I realized I had subsequently visited a few of the places on my “to do” list.

It’s funny how things like that work out. Visiting places that drew my attention months ago on the interwebs still draw my attention today without even the slightest desire to personally seek them out and check them off a list. Traveling should ultimately be much more than a checklist. It’s nice to have a relative idea of what interests you, but never be afraid to deviate from your initial plan when something pulls your interest. Chances are, you would have gone there anyhow. It’s the opportunity to discover the world on your own as opposed to the typical tourist checklist that sometimes makes all the difference.

It makes Paris a little more beautiful. It wasn’t a part of the plan and it was entirely gorgeous.


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