Les Deux Magots

If you are wondering about the importance of a café on a literary tour, it’s important to think outside of the box. What many may not realize is that the art of people watching is a real thing here in Paris and all of France. When you walk by a café, 9 out of 10 times you will see all of the chairs facing the street, not each other. A perfect set up to gaze at the souls who pass by as you sip your café au lait or munch on your croissant. So what is so great about This specific café? A many artists: writers, painters, intellectuals have sat under this green and white awning to enjoy themselves, inspire themselves and perhaps get in a few good hours of people watching in before they went off to do their next great thing.

Some of those I speak of include:

**Simone de Beauvoir

Jean-Paul Sartre

Ernest Hemingway

*Albert Camus

Pablo Picasso

James Joyce

Bertolt Brecht

Charles Sutherland

In a few years from now, when my first piece of work is published… Wikipedia can add my name to that list and everyone can scream, “Oh mon dieu!! Lynn ate here, so must I!!!”



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